Son with EUPD (BPD)

Hi I’m a Mum of a 19 year old son with recently diagnosed EUPD (BPD) looking for some support and advice from carers in a similar situation. Pls message me if interested in supporting each other- son is getting professional help but my husband and I feel like no one is helping us and feel totally out of our depth sometimes!

Hello Sam and welcome to the forum.

You’re in the right place for carer support and I’m sure people will be along with condition-specific support too. It’s extra hard caring for someone during the pandemic for all sorts of reasons and it can be helpful to connect with other carers who understand your challenges.

If you’d like to meet other carers socially (online) we run weekly informal meet ups which we get good feedback on. Sign up here:

We’re also hosting Share and Learn sessions on a variety of topics from benefits advice to Latin dancing! You’d be most welcome to join any of these that you liked the look of:

With best wishes