Social Worker Allocated 16 month Wait over!


Just some good news today after a 16 month wait since October 2018 we have finnaly been allocated a social worker to carry out a support needs assessment. We used an advocacy service who pushed them as they do not listen to regular clients complaints unless you make it formal in writing and go through the stages apparently.

I think the advocacy pathway to social workers is the best way as they know the regulations and rules they must follow and also know your rights to ask for certain things to be done.

Just working on the answers and timetable to give to the social worker when they ask what help do you need and how many hours making a timetable.

Hi Pipsy

That is a long wait!

Out of curiosity, are you in the North or the South of the country?,

Of course, could be the middle!

It’s way too long a wait!

Hope you get the support you need much quicker than that!

According to the Ombudsman, an assessment should be done within 6 weeks of asking, that’s 6 weeks to completion! Not in Hampshire!!!

Are you in a good place to make a formal complaint. Through the Local Authority complaints procedure. You could also get help with making a complaint.