Social services assessment dilemma

I need your expert advice again. Today I got a unexpected call from a social worker from Surrey CC. She wants to come round to my flat to do a care needs assessment on Monday. I almost said yes then I remembered Logan was still in the hospital.

What questions should I ask her? How long will the assessmsnt last? I’m also not sure if I should delay the needs evaluation or not as Logan is still in the hospital at the moment. In my heart I know this is the right thing to do but I don’t particularly want him to miss on the chance to learn new valuable useful life skills, boost his confidence and make friends with children his own age either.

So that is my only genuine concern about delaying the upcoming needs assessment. Is it a good idea to email the social worker back to ask her to wait until later in the week? I have waited months for this opportunity. I’m hoping they will discharge him tomorrow or on Sunday.

Hi Leah.

If your caree is in hospital , ideal time for the needs assessment to be done as part of the care plan before discharge :

Being discharged from hospital - NHS

Discharge ?

By that book or … NO DISCHARGE !

Needs assessment … full sp :

Very comprehensive.

Thanks! I will not postpone then.

PART of the discharge process … ensure !

What do I expect?

Links posted earlier ???

What questions do I ask?

Needs assessment link … spells out what that entails.

Having read , and digested that , what questions arise … to fit your specific situation ?

Only you know what you want the assessment to produce for your caree.