Social Care Reform from October 2023 - is this true?

Came across the following, puzzled…is this true or are the Government bluffing?

Social care reform: what’s changing and how will it affect you?

From October 2023, no one starting care will be forced to pay more than £86,000 over their lifetime
Updated: 9 Sep 2021

Well, it’s sort of true.

You’re still responsible for “hotel” costs if someone is in care, and there are a lot of details missing at present. And it’s all predicated on the National Insurance hike actually being enough to fund both the NHS investment and social care. In practice, the NHS will take the lion’s share and there’s likely to be very little - if any - for social care. At best it’s a headline grabbing fudge without more detail and without setting a strict percentage for social care from “hypothecated” taxation.