Direct Payments after 65 years old?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering about something regarding my parents. My mother gets a direct payment for care/support due to a lifelong physical disability, she’s going to turn 65 next year and due to some recent drama with the local council I’m wondering what happens when she jumps age brackets?

Will she still be eligible for her current care funding that she’s receiving at home, if her needs remain the same?

She currently makes a contribution towards her care costs through the direct payment scheme, is this going to increase as she ages? Does anything change regarding how much she can afford to pay once she’s over 65?

Neither of my parents wish to go into a care home, and intend to avoid it for as long as possible, so the laws around charges on the house for that kind of thing don’t really clarify how it would play out when a direct payment is established pre-age 65, or how funding for preexisting care would continue or be funded beyond that age.

Any advice would be a big help. Thanks!

In theory , no change … care package will continue until revised … at least , annually.

AGE UK on Direct Payments … full sp … an as an alternative to LA arranged support :

( Needless to add , LAs are cutting support services beyond the bone … as recorded in the main LA thread … be aware
come the next review. )

As for future care costs , your guess is better than anyone else’s as I type : GREEN PAPER , SOCIAL CARE thread :

I have assumed CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare is NOT part of the equation here ?