Slipping down in sling

Hi, I just wondered if anyone can give me some advice please. I am my husbands carer. He has multiple sclerosis and uses an all day sling which I hoist him into his chair or wheelchair. When I hoist him into his rise recline chair he soon starts to slip down into the sling and ends up not sitting upright enough. I can hoist him again and try to reposition him but wondered why he was slipping down. Any ideas. Think I need to get him some non slip clothes to wear in it!


Ask the Occupational Therapist to visit.

Hi Julie,
I agree re asking for an OT appointment.

However, whilst you wait there may be a couple of things you can try. What is slipping? Is the sling slipping with him on it or is the slinging staying in place and he is slipping off the sling?


Hi thank you for your responses, I will get in touch with OT but To answer your question Melly he seems to slip down in the sling as the day goes on the sling doesn’t slip _ he slips down in the sling. He isn’t in any danger and f coming out of his chair his position is just not great he’s too layer down in it.

Hi Julie,

you could use a Dycem product to stop him slipping. I was going to say a Dycem mat under the sling, but since the sling isn’t slipping and it is your husband that is slipping - something like Dycem netting would be better.

Non-Slip Products - Welcome Mobility (- I’m not recommending this site, but it came up when I googled Dycem. )

However if he is prone to pressure sores, I would be wary. It does sound like a pummel fitted to the chair or a groin strap or similar would help - an OT should be able to come up with a solution for him.

Do you think he would prefer to be less upright in the chair? Perhaps experiment with the chair at different angles?