Going around in circles

After many years of caring for my wife who has MS finally the early intervention team get involved.
However, things seem worse now than ever…

I asked for help regarding lifting my wife for bathroom visits and a hospital bed and portable hoist was delivered and a visit from physios and district nurse.
After ordering several slings for the hoist i am still waiting for a demo on how to actually use it by myself ?
Constant phone appointments and referrals which my wife cannot attend as transport is an issue so we are no further forward.
All this has caused her to develop high blood pressure and increased anxiety/stress… so we have gone backwards not forwards.
So much for all the promises and support promised !!!
A social worker is calling this week apparently so i am guessing the pantomime will continue…

Should i put a stop to all this intervention and struggle on as before their involvement ?

Curious to know if anyone else has or is in a similar situation ?

Surely you don’t need to go somewhere to be shown what you need to do at home???
All it needs is someone to come to your place to show you?
District nurse or OT?
Far safer for all concerned.

You may get a demo from someone of how to use it, but not by yourself as it’s always supposed to be done by two people, however, all of the principles are the same.

This often doesn’t happen in real life and I hoist my wife alone every day. It may be less safe if your wife is very overweight but my wife is only 9.00 st, so there’s no problems.

If you want me to, I can attempt to write out how to fit the sling from a prone position and also when she’s in a chair - it’s much easier when they’re prone than when in a chair and we now use an “all day” sling when she goes into her wheelchair. She has a mesh sling (quick drying) for when she has a shower.

Are any of your slings like this one below?

Thats one of the issues, 3 appointments have been broken by the OH team for a home visit to demonstrate…so the hoist has been here over a month and still unused.
The latest slings ordered ar in situ ones ? i have not opened the packaging so i will look later…
Thanks AyJay, i will experiment myself as my wife is small so there should not be a problem