I put my nan to bed around 9.30, after 10 mins I think that she is sleeping but she gets up. I put her back to bed and after a few minutes she gets out again, this happened many times for 3 hrs. One of those times I take her toilet and she took herself also
What can I do?
If left be nan will go downstairs and wander around. She even came into my room to see what I was doing

This is a new development before she was sleeping fine. Yesterday I gave her herbal sleeping tablets and she slept without a problem. Tonight she has had the pills but they haven’t helped.

What health issues does you Nan have?

Just dementia and high cholesterol.


No one knows for sure why sleep problems and confusion at night occur in dementia patients. All that’s known is Alzheimer’s affects the brain, causing cognitive problems. … These individuals also frequently experience restlessness and trouble sleeping, which can contribute to increased behavioral problems.

Alzheimers Society on sleep patterns … recommended reading.


That’s exactly how my mum was.
Constantly in and out of my room or checking windows and doors. Checking to see if I’m still here, or just to come in and cackle loudly in the pitch black.
In the early days she would come in to my bedroom and wee on the carpet, but I’ve learned since how to combat that. We are all learning as we go along.

Since starting a course of mirtazapine it’s stipped her anxious evenings during sundowning phase. Maybe that would help and she could get some proper sleep.

My wife disturbs me with what I call her night time antics and a CPN recently suggested that I ask for Mirtazapine at our next review appointment at the clinic. Apparently it’s effective, as vouched in the previous post.