Sibling crisis

My brother has had schizophrenia since he was around 30 - he is now 65. He had about 20 years of relative stability - taking his meds, able to care for himself to a degree and living independently - though unable to work and pretty isolated.
Suddenly - since Christmas (the last 6 weeks or so) he has deteriorated to a level I have never seen him in before - he lost 2 stones in weight, barely moving from a chair, (not even a comfortable chair),his flat a complete mess, not drinking much and claiming to take his meds (but hasn’t) , and not had a shower in a few weeks it seemed like. He says he is ‘‘perfectly fine’’. Doesn’t want any help. Though he will allow me to visit - or 2 or 3 other people who are involved (another sibling and a cousin plus a low level support worker). He barely speaks, has no energy and doesn’t move from his chair - except (presumably) to go to the bathroom or drink - he must be drinking tea/water - otherwise he would be dead by now(?).
He has no social worker.
Me and his other sibling live in Southern England - he lives in Northern England (4-5 hours train ride).
I managed to get the doctor to come visit him, she called an ambulance - but only because she thought he had a lung infection (she told me he didn’t need to go to hospital for any other reason), so he stayed in hospital for 5 days - where he ate ravenously, had a shower or 2, and was taking his meds - because they were giving them to him. The mental health team said they could not help him… then they tried to transfer him to another hospital - at that point (last week) he refused to be transferred - and so they discharged him. They did not call us either - to let us know he had been discharged - even though I’d asked them on at least 3 or 4 occasions to call us.
Social services have put him on a list… The crisis centre said they could not help him. And I am pretty anxious and very stressed about the whole situation. I am going up again for a couple of days to see if I can get more information out of the doctor/get someone to clean his flat - and see him to try and pull him back to some sort of reality. I guess he has given up in some senses. And even when he was ‘‘stable’’ his life was very difficult.
It feels like a terrifying situation, my sleep is being affected and last night I was having weird, unsettling dreams when I did manage to sleep.
It all feels hopeless - I feel I need to go up there for a month and go in every day and watch him take his meds - but given that on the phone he is becoming antagonistic and is adamant that all is well and he doesn’t need help - I have very little idea how to negotiate this - not to mention that I work and need to try and maintain my own mental health… boundaries are hard as if you manage to put down boundaries you feel guilt…and if I don’t put down boundaries…I fear I will suffer mentally myself.
From reading other posts on this site…this scenario is all to familiar, sadly.

Hi Carolyn,

sorry somehow we missed your post.

You must be very worried about your brother. Is he eating better now he is home? Having a lung infection can make you feel very poorly, so his lack of self care could be in part due to feeling so unwell. However, it can be difficult to pick up oneself afterwards.

You could try ringing social services and reporting him as a vulnerable adult that you have safeguarding concerns for, though that might cause him anxiety due to his mental health condition.

Perhaps its best to ring the Mind helpline for advice? Infoline: 0300 123 3393

Sorry I can’t think of anything else, mental health is not something I have direct experience of.