Shopping..cant pay for wont be able to get it!

I have when not able to get online shopping used a lovely company to get shopping for me once a week.

However, last night I tried to ring my bank to pay for items. I was on the phone for one hour. They said they couldnt take my call.

I tried automated service but they said it all so quick I think they paid the wrong person. I tried to stop it.

I dont do online as dont trust it

I have been holding on phone for one hour and thirty minutes.

If I am unable to pay the company they will not do the shopping again for me it’s that simple.

I dont have cash as I cant get to the bank.

This is so stressful as well as looking after two young people with disabilities .

Have had to hang up after 1 hrs and 45 mins have to take sons for a walk before younger onesonline lesson.

We need dedicated phone line at banks for carers.

No food for me next week now or my sons!

We are self isolating. On vulnerable list only.

Does the company not take a card payment over the phone?

On-line banking is secure - I’ve been using it for years for all sorts of payments.

I too have used online banking for years. I check my account regularly sometimes each day, and find it reassuring.
I’m sure Ajay’s advice is correct, the company may accept your payment directly via the phone. Do hope so.

You could set up another bank account with a small amount in it and just use one that online.
If you wished to top it up from your main non on line account your local bank
will do that for you. In this way you have the advantage of onlune banking without any risk to
your main account.

I have done that with my Paypal. They only know of my small account number.
I have been online banking without any problems.

Thank you Ajay and Albert

I will firstly ring company and see if they can take card payment over phone. If not look into other options

Going to make some masks this afternoon after WHO changed their advice on wearing them!

Cloudygal - I too use online banking a lot and wouldn’t be without it. It has made my life so much simpler :slight_smile:

One tip is the first time you use it just transfer a very small amount (i.e. £1) if that goes through OK then you’re good to go.

Thank you all.

If cant pay direct will ask hubby to set up…he is more computer savvy than me.

Dont think there are any staff at the bank. Just kept saying cant take your call today.

Yet I notice there has been a special number for nhs workers to call if they need to do banking.

That’s good for them. They should have this

However, again carers not thought of.

Company has just replied to my email asking if they could take card payment…

They are sending PayPal link later. Hubby uses this a lot so this solves the problem.

Thanks for suggestions guys was so stressed this morning I couldn’t see the wood for the trees!

Cloudygal, check first that the payment didn’t go to where you wanted it to, as it more than likely did.


It didn’t work for me. I believe it was because PayPal banned debit and prepaid cards. This is dumb of them trying to help banking friends. I will investigate other options I have.

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