Shocked carer.

:sick: Hi i have not posted in months but what i saw this morning left me speechless, l have worked in care for 24 years, but now live with my mum in law, she is unable to stand, weight bear, has mixed dementia i think at stage 6. Carers put her to bed last night wearing incontinence pads, she rarely sleeps much and often sets off the sensor mat by getting out and sitting on edge of bed and this is what happened this morning i went to see her and she had pulled a lot of pad out and was eating it!!. It was in pieces on the bed, floor in her mouth stuck to her hands, she did not seem to realise what she was doing and when i attempted to help her she shouted at me to leave her alone, my god she could have choked!. Eventfully she let me help clean her mouth and hands, then the cares arrived so i asked them to take over and please record my findings. Suggestions? normal? what do i do about it if anything? I have seen patients eat many obscure items but never this. :astonished: :sick:

Can I ask if she has been assessed for NHS Continuing Healthcare?
I’m afraid that she now needs so much supervision that she needs waking care 24/7?

Hi Bowling.
We were offered one waking night per week but it meant losing a 4hr sit during the day ( we get 2 per week) so we declined we value the day ones much more. Hubby and I do the nights between us 30 minute obs, it was just the shock of chewing an incontinence pad that worried me and the fact that she didn’t really realise what she was doing .btw she is 98years old.

Was this through Social Services, or NHS Continuing Healthcare. I would demand an URGENT request review. If there is a repeat event, please take photographs as evidence.

Hi Elodie,

I don’t have experience of caring for those with dementia but have known children with special needs (through school) do this.

There is specialised clothing to prevent this type of activity - not cheap - on disability clothing websites.

I agree with BB re getting her needs reassessed.


Thank you for replies.
J is under CHC and is due an assessment shortly so this first time problem will be discussed, I have have also chatted to ex colleagues, professionals and friends in the care sector which has helped me greatly as is her present care company so have done lots of homework on the subject now I am over the initial shock. Also, I found the info on disability clothing very useful and will be looking deeper into it when time. Thanks all again.

Thanks for update, Elodie. You are sounding more positive.