Hi guys just a quick question , i work 12 shifts in a dementia home i have been told should they have a staffing issue after a 12 hour day shift id be required to stay and do 12 night shift is this legal ?

UK Working Time directive , Rosemary ?

Maximum weekly working hours: Overview - GOV.UK

Also , worth bouncing your situation off your trade union.

They will not be happy bunnies !

You are also in the position of a potential whistleblower ?

( I assume that the ruling in the SLEEPOVER case does not affect you ? )

Of course , NONE of the above apply to us … family / kinship carers !

Hello Rosemary

Carers UK is a charity set up to advise and support those caring for a friend or relative in an unpaid, non-professional capacity and, although we do have some members who are paid care workers as well as being unpaid family carers, we do have a remit (or, indeed, the resources) to be able to advise you on your employment situation.

I would suggest you contact your union (UNISON ?) for advice.