Shaking muscle problems

When I perform anything “strenuous,” I experience shaking and extreme trembling. A number of years ago, an infection began a major decline in my health. I’m working on a few things to get back to normal, but I’ve got an uncontrolled shaking problem when I crouch, squat, or otherwise use my leg and core muscles steadily for an extended period of time. Walking is possible, but it takes a long time and I occasionally need assistance. So, I’m hoping to get some practical thoughts on what might be going on because my GP has a history of misdiagnosis and prescribing dangerous medications, and I may bring this up with my doctor soon.

Just to sprinkle some extra information:

Skeletal muscles: Most of the ones connected to your bones. What folks usually think of when you say “muscle”, the ones under your conscious control. (Includes your tongue.)

Smooth muscles: Unlike skeletal muscles, can stay contracted. Commonly found in your arteries, veins, digestive system, etc. widening and narrowing things as needed.

Cardiac Muscles: Your heart, mostly. As you can imagine, it’s a bit of a special-case.

Is the shaking like whole body jerks? If so, it might be myoclonus. I did have that, as well as widespread muscle twitches/fasciculations. For me, both symptoms improved on steroids.

I’m sorry you are struggling to sleep. Insomnia sucks big time. I hope you can succeed at falling asleep tonight!!! Rooting for you!

I’ve got this too! It developed 3 weeks ago mostly in myself thigh, more acutely when lying or sitting. Like an internal tremor or muscle spasm. I keep getting perceived weakness but I’m sure that’s in my head. I tried resting it in case it was from exercise, I’m now trying light exercises again so see if it appeases it. It’s awful! I’ve been so panicky over it I got beta blockers from my doctor who said the same - could be anxiety, maybe I’m holding tension throughout the day and it’s trying to release. A relative of mine has MS so I’ve been dealing with it badly. I also don’t want to bug them for any more tests until this is over - I only got blood done and all clear.

Sorry I can’t offer any real advice but maybe you can get a little comfort knowing you’re not alone. Maybe check sporadically throughout the day if you’re holding tension, I’ve been trying that. Mostly to try stop worrying I’ve been doing a lot of knitting as it involves concentration but in a fairly passive way, going out for walks and generally keeping busy and only taking 30 mins breaks throughout the day until after dinner in case I start dwelling on shagle voojio it.