Sexual dysfunction in young adult men with autism

My son is 23 and has a diagnosis of autism and a mild learning disability. He is sexually active, to date mainly one night stands, and I am working with him on issues around promiscuity, respect and building relationships. However, he suffers from sexual dysfunction. He tells me he is unable to achieve and/or sustain an erection. We have discussed with his GP who has prescribed a low dose of anti depressant to help with underlying anxiety/mood issues which the GP felt may be a factor in the sexual dysfunction. Three months on there is no improvement. He has had a longer relationship and did actually spend some time getting to know his partner before embarking on a sexual relationship but even in this context he tells me he had the same problem. I think the problem may be related to his autism as he is otherwise a healthy young man. His GP says he has no knowledge of any psychosexual services locally that he could refer my son to so we are a bit perplexed as to how to get him some help with this problem which is causing him a lot of concern and anxiety. If you have a son with similar problems I’d be very grateful to hear if you’ve been successful in identifying services/resources that might be of help.

Hi Terry … a very valid subject which many would balk at answering ?

My recommendation … National Autism Society … they seemed geared up meet this problem head on :



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A real , valid , practical problem … I hope the NAS will be of some use to you and your son.

( A case of disabled / less abled citizens not enjoying the same freedoms / rights as " Normal " citizens ? )

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