Helping autistic man with finding relationship

Hello, I am a carer for my brother who is a 33 year old man with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and autism. He has asked me to help him to find a girlfriend and I have no idea how to assist him. He has already fallen foul of his attempts at online dating via Facebook and other horrors where someone has tried to scam money out of him or sent dodgy photos and the like.
He really just wants a female friend, someone to call a girlfriend I think. Does anyone have experience of using sites specifically dedicated to disabled people looking for friendship/love? Is anyone aware of any organisations that might exist for this purpose? I think the biggest barrier for my brother is his autism. Social interactions are challenging for him and he doesn’t really have friends or experience of friendships, let alone romantic relationships. He says he doesn’t feel like “a real person” without having had a girlfriend and it is a constant source of anxiety for him. We’re based in the Somerset area. Many thanks!

Hi Maddy,

safe dating was mentioned here and this maybe of help. This maybe a good place to start.

also on the NAS website Luv2meetU
Nice 2 Meet Ya

This information maybe of use to you both too Socialising and relationships

Perhaps though if he wants a female friend to call a girlfriend, finding clubs and meet ups locally focusing on his hobbies/special interests might be a good place to start.


Thank you Melly. That’s a good place to start. Thanks for your advice.