Self Isolation Concern

I was relieved to find that most customers had deserted McDonalds and was impressed with the table isolations, masks and cleansing stations.
Things seemed too good to be true, until I discovered something called ‘Tent Number’ when ordering on the self service.

It meant that customers had to give their names and addresses in case they may need to be contacted.
This put me on guard because I was told that if any of their staff had contacted Covi-19 that we would be contacted to self isolate for 14 days.
I am fastidious about keeping my distance despite being threatened with a fist in my mouth if I dared to tell someone to keep their distance if too close to me. My success is normally measured by the amount of people that I upset. The shops who are fooling people that it is safe to go in, are usually the ones who stick up for the customer who break the rules.

My answer is that THEY make the rules and when I complain about those breaking their own rules that they impose, why make me out as the bad guy for complaining?

These are the questions of concern:

  1. Shopping and having to be isolated being too near someone having the disease-will I be traced by my car registration in the car park?

  2. By using my bank card, can my name be traced after the transaction?

  3. The term making contact with someone…what does it mean exactly? For example, someone walking in the high street can brush along a hundred people in ten minutes. Or is it a case of catching you if someone passes you who had caught the virus?

  4. Are you self isolating in your car? If so, will you be allowed to travel to another one of your houses?

  5. What if a carer had caught Covid-19, you being in the same house and being yards apart?