Self Employment & Carers Allowance


DWP have sent a couple of forms for more info to fill out for a new claim. Hubby is newly self employed (was previously full time employee and self employed part time). He has applied for carers a d filled out some forms they have sent in regards to business expenses etc. 2018/19 tax return was £3289 was the total. Each sale he has he saves 25% and the other 75% goes to stock or equipment etc. Do carers go by the £3289? I have already included the money he physically spent on stock in the business expenses they ask for. So the £3289 is what was left after everything deducted (apart from tax).

Sorry if this sounds confusing :rofl::see_no_evil:


Hi Tia … welcome to the forum.

I will assume a rhetoric question … probably not ?

Do carers go by the £3289?

( 3.8 million or so … half the carer army … survive below the Official Poverty Line. Probably , another 2 million
just above it.

The Government DOES encourage carers to juggle work with caring … then continues to place a ridulously low limit
of £ 123 on weekly earnings before said carer loses Carers Allowance ! )

As for being self employed and claiming Carers Allowance , one for the Carers UK Advice Team to advice on.

Contact details follow … best by email :
A very complex area … as many threads over the years will reveal :

( Universal Credit … not mentioned … rolled out on your manor ? )

Any problems in other areas we can try to help you with ?

Caring ( Support ) / benefits / housing etc. etc.

Others will be along to extend their welcomes.

Thanks for the reply. It’s strange as the claim is for 1/4/19 onwards but they have only asked for 2017/18 and 2018/19 earnings. They haven’t asked for anything current.

UC isnt here yet as far as I’m aware or were not included on it. We get CTC and CB and I work full time. I’m hoping if it does get rolled out here it wont make a huge drop in what we currently get. My son who is 5 gets DLA.

I’m wondering if to just cancel the carers application just incase it messes everything up (I know it carers is something to declare to Tax credits).

Your welcome.

Carers UK Advice Team … they’ll answer that last bit … to claim CA or not ?

( Under UC , subtle changes ! )

UC ?

That’s one bullet dodged … for now !

It’s not set in stone, but usually a s/e persons tax year will end on the 5th April. They can’t really ask for any figures for an incomplete tax year.

Thanks for the replies! I just wasn’t sure how they will decide if he is allowed carers allowance bases on previous years figures, I thought they needed to know what he is earning now to decide. It’s all so confusing. Lol.

Your welcome.

Few ever choose The Uk Benefit System as their specialist subject … on Mastermind.

With a business the first calculation is
Sales less cost of sales to give profit before expenses.

So if you bought an item for £1 and sold it for £2 You would have made £1 profit.

If it cost £1 in petrol to get it, there was NO PROFIT.

Then take off costs of wrapping, phone, etc and the would be a LOSS no profit at all.

INCOME for tax purposes is profit LESS all expenses.

You say he “saves” 25% but it’s probably better described as “working capital” if it’s left in the business.
It’s vital that he has an entirely separate bank account and easier if he does everything possible by bank transfer or cheques or contactless card payment, rather than using cash.
I ran a small business for a very long time.