Self employed, carers and recieved small business support gr

Sorry this is a long one and I’m hoping someone could help me as carers allowance have not been helpful at all. Has anyone ever had a carers allowance over payment? I recieve carers allowance and I am also self employed since feb 2018. I thought that I had informed carers allowance when I set up as self employed but apparently I didnt. I declare my earnings every month via UC and also yearly tax returns. I havent earned much since setting up as I’ve had set up costs, stock costs ect and I only work part time, so my net profit is wayyy under the threshold for carers allowance anyway. But I rung them today as the local government has been in contact with me to say as I have small business rates relief I am eligible for the £10k small business covid support grant. So I’ve rung carers allowance to inform them for them to say that I did not tell them I was self employed! She was very nasty on the phone and told me I need to do a change in circumstances and that theyll deal with me! She made out like I’d done it an purpose which as far as I am aware I had contacted and informed all appropriate departments. I am now so worried that I’ll now have to pay back 2.5years of carers even though I haven’t earnt anywhere near the allowed amount. Does anyone know about this? And does anyone know if my carers allowance will need to stop if I recieve the covid business support grant from the government? And if so, as the £10,000 small business support grant is taxable it takes me over the threshold for carers allowance for this tax year, will I now need to repay the carers allowance paid between april 2020 and now? Thank you

I think this is one for your accountant.

When ever you do a change of circumstances with DWP always get them to send a acknowledgement of it. And if they don’t keep asking for it. Everything you say is logged.

If you feel you have be mistreated make a complaint.

Even if there is an issue you should be spoken to in a courteous manner.

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Sorry to hear you’ve been treated so rudely, that sounds horrible for you. I suggest you contact our advice line and speak to an advisor about this, they should be able to answer your questions. You can contact them on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or email at

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