Carers allowance - self employed

Hi, I am carer to my 8 year old daughter who is due to be assessed for ASD. I meet the criteria for carers allowance so looking into applying. I am self employed and paying off a loan to a family member that helped me set up for my business. My question is, how do I go about documenting/proving this as part of my business expenses?

You must keep proper records!
Do you summit records to HMRC? They will be shared with DWP.
Your records should show the loan paid into the business.
What you have bought and how much it cost.

One looming issue for the self-employed getting carers alklowance is the need to submit accounts to renew eligibility for the new tax year 2020/21.

Last year they stopped my payments until I’d submitted it and then backdated it later. As I recal, this can only be submitted by post, not on-line. That is not ideal in the current crisis as I am isolating to shield my mum who I care for 24/7, cannot leave her on her own and cannot have friends or carers sit with her at the moment.

Does anyone know if the DWP are going to do something to help such as defer the need to apply or provide a means to make a declaration of profits and eligibility on-line?

Will be worthwhile contacting the DWP direct :

Department for Work and Pensions - GOV.UK

Having said that , to isolate the precis contact number needed is even more difficult given the maze one now finds on the site !

This sounds like something CUK should investigate for everyone.