Self assessment carers assessment

On Facebook recently, someone mentioned that Carers can do their own assessment.
As Hampshire are incapable of writing anything properly, I wrote and asked if I could do my own?
Once more I’m told “we don’t do that”.
Can Carers UK shed any light on this?

I’ve been waiting over 6 months for an advocate, and won’t attend any meeting without them.
Subject Access Requests in the past show that the social workers doing the assessments in the past have said one thing at a meeting and written an entirely different account of the meeting on my notes.

Many assessments are written for the social worker line managers and their tick boxes. And don’t always reflect what was said at the time.

I wish HCC had tick boxes that they shared with me so that we could get on and tick them.
It’s their steadfast determination not to even have a list to tick that frustrates me.
After all, the care act talks about wellbeing, having a meaningful life doing things you want.
My son wants to work with steam engines, not go shopping in Bournemouth!
He loves going for walks and bike rides in the New Forest, on his doorstep. Not shopping in Bournemouth.
He shouid be going to events in his home town, not shopping in Bournemouth!

Hi BB. I found this on the Hampshire County Council site. It’s not a full assessment but the tendency for online or self-completion forms is to be an initial check to see if you need a full assessment, and I get the impression that’s where this one sits.

Some councils do offer the opportunity for self-completion, and it is certainly an option in the law, if I remember rightly.