Seeking local groups for awareness days

The company i work for have set up an employee network for carers.
to increase the exposure that it is possible to work and be a carer, one of the things we are looking a doing is having awareness days where local groups come into the regional locations and publicise their work , services etc.
If anyone is interested and knows of a group who may wish to get involved, please contact me.
I did email the forum team asking for permission to post this…

and yes i am a carer who works.

Hi Liam,

welcome to the forum. Have you contacted your local carer’s centre to see what they provide? They will very likely able to come and talk to your group and may be able to recommend other speakers too.


I am looking for local groups on a national level. i am aware of the groups local to me, but not groups in such places as
Wales , Gloucester , Chester, Gloucester, Oxford, Dover, Inverness, Lincoln , Grimsby, Bedford to name but a few.
my local groups are hesitant to recommend anyone “outside their control”

This link might be helpful Support where you live | Carers UK


thanks that does, but i am still open to contacts from reps from those groups listed if i dont get to contact them all .

In my area there used to be a good local group, I’m still in touch with the former leader who retired to Wales some years ago. Sadly, after she left the group folded. The nearest group is now 25 to 30 miles away, in Romsey, not an easy town to get to, not even a direct bus. It might as well be on the moon! Princess Royal Trust for Carers is in Andover another 20 miles further on from Romsey. No effective carer support at all!