Scottish Support Payment

Carers Support Payment Scotland. Hi I’m new here. I’ve been a carer for nearly 26 years for my now adult daughter but haven’t claimed carers allowance until now as I’ve earned over the threshold. I reduced my hours in December and applied for Carers Support Payment as I live in Dundee and we are in the pilot area for new new Social Security Scotland Carers Support Payment which is instead of Carers Allowance in my area. It’s now 10 weeks since I applied and over 3 months since I reduced my working hours to 5 a week and I’ve still not had any correspondence from them. I’ve phoned about 6 times and have been asked to supply evidence of my Private Pension. But no one has actually phoned me. It’s been escalated about 2 weeks ago. They have me now having to take out savings to live as I can’t go and earn more money or I’ll not be entitled to the carers support payment. It’s frustrating. Has anyone else has experience of this new Benefit in Tayside and the Western isles ? I’ve been in touch with the Citizens Advice Bureau. Next step is to contact my MSP.

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What a desperate situation - seems they expect you to survive on fresh air.

You could also email the Carers Uk helpline for advice on at any time.