Hi my name is Marie. I would like to say that as a person who hears voices I have had total success in reducing them to such an extent that I don’t suffer from them at all now. This is through using a 20mg cannabis oil twice a day. The voices started diminishing straight away and after a week were gone. I have tried every herb aromatherapy oil supplement known to man! And really would like this spreading far and wide because hearing voices is hellish. This really works!!!

I tired the super-strength capsules from Healthspan for Mum. It didn’t work. Either the dosage was too low - or it was faked stuff. CBD is supposed to negate the voices of Schizophrenics. I wonder if the NHS will ever approve it.

The only treatment helped me is the CBD oils and cream, i hear voices for years but recently it started get worse so i had to visit my doctor last week because i had such a bad pain which i had for years but it started to be stronger earlier so i had to go to my doctor for a check and he give a recipe for CBD cream for every night use, i searched for it online and also read many reviews about it before ordering some, so i use it every night and it does decreased the voices and help me to sleep.

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