Savings threshold

I caught a snippet on the radio a couple of days ago in which they stated that if someone suffering dementia had more than £23k of savings they got zero financial support if they had to go into a care home.

Can anyone confirm if this is correct please?
Is it just the person with dementia or does the £23k apply to both husband and wife’s savings jointly?

It only applies to the person needing support, once their saving are below £23,250 they will need to contribute. If they own any property, Social Services will have their grubby little hands on that as well, (50/50 if the property is owned similarly).

The value of any property must be disregarded under certain circumstances, if a partner is living there, for example. You can’t sell half a house!

If the house is included in the Financial Assessment, they can put a charge on the house (a Deferred Payment Agreement),and take their share once it’s eventually sold.

Thanks. That Age Concern link was very useful.

Difficult to know if I can buy my children pensions or not, given my husband has a diagnosis for Alzheimers, albeit he is currently only very forgetful but still perfectly capable of making such a gift to the children.