Rishi Sunak's comments this morning

I am not a member of any political party. A while ago, I was invited by both the Tories and Lib Dems to stand for them at the same election, as the result of my work with a local residents group!
This morning, I’ve been listening to Rishi Sunak’s comments, when asked how people who could not work could manage. He seemed to have selective deafness, banging on about getting people into work.
Even when given details of one person caring for his 91 year old mum who had to be on duty 24 hours a day, and another person whose husband had just been diagnosed with MND, and another lady whose husband had just died, she’d cared for him for 3 years, he kept banging on about getting into work.
As someone whose husband worked hard from the age of 15, until he died at the age of 58, I absolutely agree that those who are fit and well, but unskilled or work shy, should be expected to work.
As the mother of a disabled child, I wanted to work, but it was absolutely impossible without any after school or holiday provision - I even complained to the Ombudsman about the lack of ANY support at times.

What part of the impossibility of some carers being able to work does the government not understand?
The average working week is 35-40 hours a week.
Carers Allowance requires people to care for 35 hours a week - the average working week, although some carers are caring 168 hours a week.

The Government are completely not interested in carers full stop. The fact carers allowance wasn’t increased in the pandemic. UC their flagship benefit system is all they are interested in. And want everyone who needs help to access this way. People on legacy benefits are excluded from the £20.00 UC. I know and are now resigned to the fact. I will never see any added benefits for to carers allowance. And wait further two years this month to collect my state pension. I live in the fact hopefully making it to next year on my 65th birthday. One year left I can just about finance the last year. Before claiming my pension and can then feel not totally reliant on carers allowance.

I’m not usually a negative person but Carers UK got nowhere. With the Government In getting carers allowance increase in the pandemic.

A few years ago now , but when I contacted my Conservative MP complaining about Carers Allowance, his helpful response was that if it was him in my position, he would use his life savings as a top up because that is what you save for! I have not forgotten.

It would have been interesting to hear if he had ever been a carer. Had to leave his employment to care reduce his hours of work. Rely on state benefits for day to day living. Sell his house and/or car relocate his home.

A while ago I read an MP say that people “chose” to be a carer.
I never “chose” to have a midwife without supervision at my son’s birth, in a major teaching hospital! A blunder that was covered up for years.

My entire family was given a life sentence that day. It wasn’t my son’s fault, he shouldn’t be punished for his disability.
Nor should I, unable to work because there was no respite nearby.
I have watched my friends with similar qualifications climb the promotion ladder, have wonderful holidays, meals out, then retire on a salary related pension.
Carers don’t have any of these rights.

Carers who cannot work should receive at very least, Carers Allowance which equates to the minimum wage.
They should be entitled to sick pay, a maximum working week, guaranteed holidays and redundancy pay when their caring role ends, with help back into work again.

I feel sure that politicians see caring as a soft option!

i agree with you Bbun. I had no idea that carers allowance stopped when you get your state pension until it happened to me!

You are still a carer …… who else is going to do it?

I also lost out on my career and, like you, watched friends going on exotic holidays, fine dining, partying etc. carers don’t have a choice, they just have to get on with it.

I have watched my SIL getting very ill indeed and her husband is now her full time carer but doesn’t get paid because he gets his state pension. A few years ago they had plans to travel more, go further afield with their caravan and just generally enjoy their time together but that is now never going to happen. i feel so sad for them.

Most carers lives just change overnight and there is nothing they can do about it.

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