Looking for some advice new to forum thanks

Hi I have a query and not sure what to do. For last 3 years up until 6 months ago I was carer for my ex partner as we have children together. We had argument and she decide didn’t want me as carer no more with covid and all that was going on was stressful on both sides so I quit cancelled carers allowance and went back on to universal credit now after 6 months back on good terms and feel like I now been given the role back of assisting her daily but not sure if can re claim the carers allowance again??? Are you allowed re claim after cancelling claim ect not sure really what to do as was looking for work but she now needs a lot of help so feeling the strain.

Hi Robert and welcome,

I don’t know - but surely no harm in trying.


If you are caring you can claim.
However, has she had a Needs Assessment from Social Services to see if they can also offer help?
What is the nature of her disability?
How old are the kids?