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Hi all,
I posted many years ago when I was a carer, I then became seriously disabled following surgical complications so my mother went into a home, she had had a brain haemorrhage and now has vascular dementia.
The financial side is a worry and because of my own ill health I’m worried I’m missing something as my mind isn’t what it was. My husband is now my carer but that’s another story, he doesn’t help with paperwork or anything like that.
So my mum is in a home, they charge the going rate (no top up) . She pays her pensions over etc plus DLA and the shortfall accrues as a debt (currently about £20k),
She has a property, small cottage worth about £75k which we rent out - the rental income also goes out the council but there is a shortfall of about £500 per month so the debt will increase by £6000 per year. She is on a deferred payment so after her day the equity from the house will repay the debt I assume.
She is in better physical health than me and I think she will outlive me, I’m trying to sort things out,
She has a small amount of savings (about £15,000) which sits in her current account.
Part of me thinks we should just sell the house as I can’t work out in my head what we are gaining by keeping it - has anyone else been in this situation and what would you advise ? It’s not as if the rental income is covering the home fees, there is still a shortfall and still a debt that will need to be paid. The house has been split 5 ways in her will and the other beneficiaries want to keep it but it’s me who gets all the stress.
Simpler question, is she allowed to buy her grandchildren presents, nothing major just normal presents like she did prior to this happening.
Sorry for long post I hope it’s not too confusing as I confuse myself these days. I have memory problems following sepsis and respiratory failure, thank you

Hi Worrywart.

On first reading , nothing to frightenen the horses but … I would recommend bouncing the financial element
off AGE UK … if there are any pitfalls under current legislation , they will know of them.

( Deprivation of Asssts re gifts ?

Contact details :

Age UK | The UK's leading charity helping every older person who needs us

Advice Line and Online Vitual Assistant facilities all available.

I was responsible for my mum’s house after she went into residential care.
The day it was sold we all breathed a sigh of relief.There is NO POINT in keeping your mum’s house.
The beneficiairies don’t have ANY say in this, because mum isn’t dead yet. It is NOT THEIR DECISION to make.
In fact, given your health problems, they are being very heartless, they are ignoring your needs, only thinking of themselves.

I would suggest that you talk to an estate agent and start the selling process, The exact timing will depend on the tenancy agreement. How long before the agreement expires?
Do not relet it, sell it.
If mum had savings, it would have been better to use these to pay for the care home fees.
Make sure mum is still receiving maximum Care Attendance Allowance, as she is self funding, she is entitled to that.
Are you sure she doesn’t qualify for Continuing Healthcare?

Renting it out just means it will be longer before the LA starts paying for the fees, at the expense of your own time and health!

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