Removal of 'Surveys, campaigns & petitions' section

Hello all

I just wanted to let you know that we have taken the decision to remove the ‘Surveys, campaigns and petitions’ section from Carers Connect and will no longer be allowing individuals or organisations to post links to surveys or petitions in the forum. We will also not be allowing posts which include requests for participants to take part in research projects. Any such posts will be removed and the person who has made the post will be informed by private message.

Private messages which include surveys, petitions or research requests will also be in breach of our Community Guidelines and should be reported to Carers UK staff or moderators.

The main purpose of Carers Connect is to enable you to connect with and support each other, and signpost each other to relevant information and support. Many of the surveys and petitions that were posted in this section were unrelated to caring, and we also don’t have capacity to review the many requests for research participants that we received.

Carers UK will occasionally post links to our own surveys in Carers Connect, such as our annual State of Caring survey and our Member Survey. We always greatly appreciate your responses to these which help to inform our campaign priorities and improve the support we provide to carers.

We have updated our Community Guidelines to to reflect this change and you can read these here: Your community guidelines - New to Carers Connect / Your ‘how to’ guide for using Carers Connect - Carers Connect - The Carers UK online community

With good wishes