Reflexology & Reiki

I am a great believer in alternative therepy , & love Reflexology & reiki

@18Amanda27h , I can’t stand having my feet touched so reflexology is not for me. S loves having his feet touched and has reflexology from someone I knew who trained in this. She said you can learn about someone’s health from their feet.

I’ve not tried Reiki.

S finds massage relaxing and I have had remedial massages which really help with aches, pains and tension.

I love a massage, so relaxing.

Thank you for your reply. Have you tried Sound Therapy? this is also very good .

Never tried them. Need a massage, preferably a male masseur as my shoulders get so tense my beautician cannot do much with them.

I find a good Indian Head Massage really helps: and it’s about the only thing that will clear a really bad migraine for me.

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My eldest son loves reiki , massages and sound therapy. I prefer a bath with scented bath soak in it.

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Yes I agree Janet I prefer a bath. And luxury for me is getting into bed when the electric blanket has been on, if I can negotiate around the felines already on it, to get in. Never really been keen on massages or facials.