Recovery from hip replacement

Hi all

I am a carer for my 91 year old mother who broke her hip recently and now uses a zimmer, having walked freely previously. She had a hip replacement in mid-January. As yet she hasn’t really been able to go back into the outside world (she stays at home with me in her flat). I would like to gradually increase what she can do. I am not sure what additional walking aids more suited to outside walking would be good for her to try. Does anyone have any thoughts on this and how to go about increasing what she can manage? We had 6 weeks of NHS physiotherapy once a week, but that has now stopped so there is no one I can talk to about this.

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Hi Apple,

I have had both hips done and I was started off on a zimmer, then given elbow crutches and then a walking stick (which I hated and bypassed.) I was a lot younger than your Mum.

In our area, you can self refer to physio and you can have blocks of therapy. You could try doing this for your Mum.

Is she still doing her post op exercises? Is her gait as good as it was before?

Hip replacement is a pretty brutal procedure and the muscles and tendons take a long time to recover and regain strength.

It’s a case of gradually increasing how much you walk.

My Mum uses a foldable rollator that she pushes. However, a referral to an OT/physio would be best as they can advice and make sure it is adjusted to the right height etc.


Thanks very much, Melly1. All useful advice and information. There doesn’t seem to be a service we can self-refer to here. I hadn’t thought of elbow crutches so that might be the next step. She finds a walking stick too difficult for anything other than a few steps. I will try to find some OT help. Yes still doing the exercises.

All the best


I’ve had two knee replacements, it does take a long time for all the muscles etc. to get back to normal.
I’m surprised no one is helping her along the path to recovery now. I was ordered to use two crutches, then at a certain point one, etc. etc.
Do they realise she used to walk freely before the operation?

I think so. Not sure why the physio we had brought it to a close so quickly. Thanks bowlingbun.

I had a private physio, who visited weekly. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent, even if she did feel like Hitler at times.

Apple, if you can’t self refer then the GP can refer her.


Thanks both