Recognising and supporting carers in the community

To help recognise and support carers in the community, we’d like to share our rights for carers section. This throws a light on how to recognise what you’re entitled to and assert your needs for yourself or on behalf of someone you look after. What are your rights as a carer? | Carers UK

Lots of things. I personally like to take a break.

Rights are one thing. Getting Social Services to listen is completely different. Even when I’ve sent them the clearest possible evidence that a) my son isn’t getting the assessed level of care and b) that the care agency are charging for hours not provided, SSD just won’t listen. Even the head of service!!


@bowlingbun You are SO right. It’s one thing to be identified and ‘recognised’ but another altogether for anything to be done. Take my Carer’s Assessment for example - a complete and utter waste of time - a box ticking exercise and that was all. No feedback since and nothing of benefit to me. So why bother? OH YES, the LA has to tick a few boxes to say it has provided a CA - that doesn’t mean it is worth anything or acted upon or produce any tangible benefits to me or Graham - it just covers their backsides.