Recent Carer

Hi, I’m Matt and from the Midlands
I was a carer for alot of last year for my mum and found it challenging.
I may need to provide some care again this year too we’ll see.
Hope to chat with people on here

Hi Matt

Tell us about your mum?
Caring is very challenging. Do you work as well?,

Hi Matt,

Always remember that if you don’t step in someone else will have to, arranged by Social Services. If you are there, they will take advantage of it to save themselves money.

Tell us more about mum and we can give you a few ideas.


I won’t be going into more detail about my mums condition here but thanks for asking. Interested what people do to have a break from caring.

I’ve got back into my sport again lately and finding that great.

The carers support groups around here seem to be with people with a different dynamic. eg looking after partners or sons/daughters rather than looking after a parent. I’m aware there’s similarities with all carers but you know what I mean and I’m sure there’s loads of people who look after parents too. Does anyone know of any support groups in the midlands for ‘young’ carers. Or carers of parents specifically.

Sometimes I just feel like I need to sit down with someone for a coffee over this. Maybe just once a week or something ya know.

What other interests have people got here to get away from caring?



Matt, if this is your real name, please change it to something else, so you cannot be identified.

If you could give us just a little idea of what is affecting mum, how old she is, and what benefits she is receiving, it would really help us support you.

I’m not sure when I started supporting my own mum. Looking back, she was never the same after my brother was born - in 1960. I often wonder, looking back, if she had post natal depression. On the other hand, she had arthritis and that might have been worse after the birth. By 1976, she was virtually housebound, would only go out with dad, often just staying in the car. She died about 4 years ago, at the age of 87.

A friend of mine cared for his mum until she was 104, by which time he was too old to realise any of his retirement dreams.

Caring doesn’t have to be all or nothing, the more help that you both accept, the happier you will be. I am now slightly disabled after a series of operations. I have two Mechanical Slaves, my dishwasher and my tumble dryer. So much easier than the alternative, and time saving too.

If it’s easier, feel free to ask us any questions you like, that’s fine.
I had counselling to help me when I was struggling, the counsellor was very supportive, especially when mum was dying.

Shame you are miles away because this is the emotional support I am after. I can more or less do the physical side of the caring but the emotional side gets too much for me. Someone to have a vent and a weekly cuppa sounds ideal!

This forum has really helped (some really awesome posters!) and I am finally making a bit of progress by talking to a telephone counselling service. GP’s will be next.

Well done you on getting back into sports. I have some interests but it is hard making time for them without feeling bad or guilty - again, things I need to work on but it will take time.

Good luck Matt.

Hello and welcome!

What interests do you have? I recommend starting by making a list of ideas. My main interests outside caring for my little brother are knitting, talking to people and sewing so I make time for those often. Today I met up with a longtime friend for conversation and we had afternoon tea as well and earlier this week I attended a knitting class. Find some me time opportunities as well. Not only will it keep you sane, it will help keep you active and healthy too. You need a break.

This website can help you to take up a hobby that you love- What about part time volunteering at a charity shop? You can learn new skills and meet new people that way. Plus you have a chance to take a proper break. Make the most of it.
Why don’t you tell us more about your mother?