Really struggling cannot cope

im a carer for wife who has been threw the system discharged from medium secure cmht team then discharged from local cmht without us knowing.
now wife having outbursts very low mood suicidal been refered back into therapy with medium secure because local cmht shouldnt of discharged.
no matter what i do cannot get support spent least 30 hours this week convincing wife suicide not the answer trana lift her mood mine is struggling…how shes feeling i feel the same i dont tell her that keep promoting things get better…get support.etc 10 years of this…even i dont believe we will get support anymore…
trying keep wife positive getting even harder each time i dont feel positive…feel like we have been dumped wifes up and down everyday.
dont know what to do has a carer… i love my wife so much…if i walk away then they have to step in, clinically vulnerable she has no life skills…eatin i cook it…washing paying bills appointments meds…really dont know
my own mental health pysical health is suffering i dont have time for my self…if i show signs of being unwell doesnt end well

Hello, Steven. I am not clear on precisely what you need but you clearly need much more help than you are getting. Has there been a recent Social Services assessment. How old are you and your wife?

I think your best next step would be to phone the carers’ helpline on 0808 808 7777 and talk it over with the helpers there, who can probably best advise.

May I also suggest that you change your user name to make it less identifiable? The new name will appear on all your existing posts as well as any new ones which you may make; yes keep in touch.