Council tax need advice.


I have only recently realised I can claim a discount for council tax. The council have sent forms but have requested the date my son was first awarded DLA.

I rang the DWP and they said as my son has been transferred to PIP the initial date of his DLA award had been archived and they are not able to give me these details.

I am quite annoyed as you see in the press how they are able to go back many years to prosecute people!

Any advice much appreciated.
Thank you

Might be away DWP say they can’t find quite often. Do you have bank statements showing payments. As you can go back many years with your bank. You son received an N I number. And all information is kept and archived.

Hi Eleanor,

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I’m totally confused by that. In our case the PIP was backdated it to when my son first applied for it. My advice is to wait to speak to your local CAB.