Re gained capacity

My wife was in a rta over 6 years ago and suffered a head injury the court appointed a deputy to look after her competition she has come a long way since then and has now had a medica assessment and the outcome was that she’ has regained capacity to look after her own money but her deputy are objecting her application we have put to the court it’s been going on for months now we’re waiting on the judge to look at her case it’s starting to cause her to be depressed has anybody else gone through this if so what was your outcome thanks

Hi Lee
Never heard such a pickle before, but just wanted to say Hi and acknowledge that we are here reading



There are surely two issues here, the mental capacity of your wife, and the conduct of whoever is managing the compensation. Do you feel her/she is not acting in the best interests of your wife? Who is it, a solicitor, accountant or…?

My wife has had the compensation for over 3 years now we are still living in a council house not been on holiday and haven’t been able to enjoy the compensation as they limit her to a weekly allowance wich she is almost skint by the end of the week she was awarded a large sum of money enough to buy a house invest and live a good life but she hasn’t had anything from the deputyship looking after her money as they are doing a bad service in my eyes we have a solisitor that has filed and application we are 3 months in and still nothing just hope were not waisting our time

That’s absolutely dreadful., Who appointed the deputy???

The court of protection oppointed them at the time the compensation was awarded my wife was still in recovery and we thought it would be for the best as it was a large sum and was promised lots of things and that it would be in my wife’s best interest. since they have had the money it is slowly going down with the fees they charge and looks like they don’t want to give it back were hoping the judge rules in our favour as my wife has made a full recovery and for the past year has not needed any medical help also pasing the assessment hopefully this will be enough for the court and we can move on with our life