Raising awareness :)

Hello, i’ve never used the forum before, im Erin. I look after my younger sister who has 4 chronic autoimmune conditions and i myself have chronic Migraine disease. i study at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) and over the past few years have been making work about either my own experience of illness or of my sisters. in this upcoming project it is more focusing on our relationship and my role of carer in her life. i’m just wondering if you guys think i could get companies and people involved in raising awareness. of my sisters numerous misunderstood illness and of course the role of the carer and our experience of that illness, and the importance of caring/the impact on us.

i’m so glad i found Carers Uk, i’ve been feeling the need for support, especially during covid lockdowns and stresses

i hope you’re all doing well x

Hi Erin and welcome,

It might be worth using social media to seek others with the same conditions as your sister. Then form your own society/group. It’s easier to get the word out there if there are more of you doing it. Also, the other members may have family members and friends who are able to use their connections to involve companies etc in raising awareness, fund raising etc.


Hi Erin, welcome to the forum.
Are you happy to care for your sister long term, or would you like someone else to take on this role?
So often family assume that a brother or sister will take on the caring role if they can’t, but that is very restrictive on the person concerned.