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Hello my name is Rachael. I am here because I am balancing a full time job in care along with caring for my sister. Although she doesn’t need so much practical support at the moment, the emotional support can sometimes cause me to worry about her lots. Sometimes things get a little overwhelming so I thought it may be good to share here and perhaps share experiences with others.



Hi Rachael, Welcome to the forum. You’re in the right place to talk about work and caring and feeling overwhelmed sometimes! I’m sure many on here will relate to that. Have a look through our Work and career pages for the latest on work and care rights and assistance.

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Rachael, why does your sister need support?

Hi Rachel,
welcome to the forum.

Giving emotional support can be very draining, are you able to switch off your carer-thoughts whilst at work?

You might find this thread useful to support your own wellbeing.


Thanks everyone. My sister has sarcoidosis of the The lungs and aspergillosis. This effects her lungs and other organs such as eyes, joints, heart etc. She has been close to death on a couple of occasions and this was made worse by discovering a hole in her bowel a couple of years ago and she subsequently now has a stoma. She uses oxygen and nebulisers at home and is under hospitals in London and Manchester. She was also involved in a serious hospital medication blunder which resulted in her going into cardiac arrest which the hospital attempted to cover up. She has her own family but they are no help to her. I support her by taking days off work to escort her to appointments and arranging medication arc when she feels unwell T home or needs an ambulance.
I am a manager at a care and support charity supporting adults with LD which although I love, can sometimes feel difficult to juggle as it’s a lot is responsibility. I have anxiety and depression too which doesn’t help.

Your sister needs a lot of help. I know someone with sarcoidosis, it’s very disabling indeed, real shame as she is a lovely person and very well qualified, but keeps having to take time off due to her health.
Your sister should have a Social Services Needs Assessment at very least, and accept outside help, so you can rest after work. My son has SLD, he can make me exhausted all by himself!
Are you aware of NHS Continuing Healthcare? Would she fit the criteria? It’s very much a postcode lottery, impossible to get in the New Forest, but easier in other areas.

Thanks for your reply. She has good days and bad days, when she’s unwell, she is very poorly and I help her out by providing her with emotional support mainly. She is not willing to accept help or support from anyone other than me. I have a background in nursing and so my knowledge (although now dated- I qualified 18 years ago) can be helpful in medical situations. Im happy to support her because I love her and she’s my sister but just thought it may be useful to have a place to interact with others in similar situations. X