Query regarding Police and people with LD

Will try and keep this brief.
A woman with serious mental health issues lives in the same block of flats as my daughter and partner. The Police and paramedics are there frequently and stay for ages. Recently she reported them for stalking and harassing her which is absolute rubbish as they have nothing to do with her.

The Police called and said they were recording it as a malicious phonecall and I think she is known for this. They were advised to have nothing to do with her and they said they never do anyway.

What does concern me is that the female police officer insisted my daughter signed a form. She didn’t want to as she has LD and Autism and I always tell her not to sign anything she doesn’t understand. She said several times she didn’t want to and the Policewoman told her if she didn’t she would be arrested!

I have complained to the Police and someone is supposed to be calling me back but in the meantime I wondered if anybody on here knows what rights people with LD have regarding the Police.

Hi @Penny perhaps a citizens advice call would be best https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/
sorry I can’t help more


Hi @Penny - this might be useful information: as your daughter was technically a suspect following a complaint, I believe it may be that this applies. However, not being a solicitor, I can’t be certain. About Appropriate Adults - National Appropriate Adult Network


I had a call back from the Police who was clearly in a hurry. He said he could not talk to me without my daughters permission as she is an adult but he would arrange a meeting with myself, daughter and someone from the local Police to explain what the form was etc.
I said that would be helpful. He did say that maybe the Policewoman was a bit “cocksure” …. His words …. And might need more training in working with people with special needs. I asked about having an Appropriate Adult there and he says how do they know a person has LD. I said I thought most people after talking to them for a few minutes would pick that up.

Since then I asked my daughter and partner and they said they told her about 3 times that they both have LD but she still insisted that my daughter signed the form!


Further training needed urgently!


Well done, @Penny!

I agree with @bowlingbun about the need for training, too.