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Hi Sandra, like most here we DO NOT sit on the toilet seat, never have, as Mum taught us that it wasn’t safe to do so and this was many years ago! I think most here are intelligent enough to know this already and we are also aware that anti bacs won’t kill this virus!

Dare I say Public Toilets are closed to keep the vulnerable at home. I think the majority of people know this too!


Here I am re my above post!

I bought a few packets of GREEN SHIELD Anti Viral Wipes today it states that they kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including: CORONAVIRUS-INFLUENZA VIRUS-ZIKA VIRUS-EBOLA VIRUS- HEPATITIS B&C and HIV.

So there you go; I was surprised!


i took my wife upto local hospital for chest xray and told her to wipe the seat down first before she sat on it ,

we had a response from local mp as follows

The Council have notified me that the disabled toilets that are currently open are available for public use. Further to this, there are no immediate plans to reopen anymore but this is under constant review.

the toilets they are talking about is approx 5 miles from where we go to up the local park that has cafe but toilets for everyone including disabled are closed so we have to act like animals and do our buiness anywhere ! so watch out for soiled underware etc when you go out

To be honest I try to avoid public toilets as much as possible but when I have no choice I am always shocked at how dirty they are. This country has no idea how to really clean floors, sinks and toilets. When we are abroad on holiday we always notice how sparkling clean the toilets are because they do them several times a day and not just a quick going over once a day like here.

When we were in Croatia we went to a village up in the hills and they had toilet attendants who cleaned the toilet You had used and mopped the floor after every single visitor.

I have complained to our local council about the filthy state of our public toilets and they give the same old excuse “we have a heavy footfall.” What a load of BS … holiday resorts abroad have far more footfall but they keep them clean.

so where do people go to the toilet if needed , yes there are bushes , trees , etc but i am for one dont want a snake to bite my bits , i have looked all over the www about portable toilets and cannot see anywhere for a large person male or female who is able to use a potty in a car , yes you can get camping toilets , tents , wee bottles , etc but if you need to poo then you have a problem , my wife did poop in her pants the other day and i had to clean her down as there is nothing you can use in a car i have even looked on youtube about diy toilets alot of them are buckets in which again cant use in a small car

It’s not going to happen dean, not in the UK.

all i know is where we go to local park there are adders in the woods and i am not taking any chance of been bitten any where

Just stamp your feet a couple of times on the way to your tree of choice, any Adders will be long gone by the time you’ve got your bits out.

They are far more frightened of you than you may be of them. If you creep around and surprise one you could get bitten on the ankle, but that’s about it…and don’t forget, from October to March (when your bladder is likely to need more frequent emptying) they won’t be active at all.

There’s roughly 50 - 100 Adder bites recorded every year: …and millions of human visits to areas where Adders live… most of those bites occur on the hand or arm when idiots pick up an Adder, and the rest will be at about ankle height.

Ayjay, Dean, it’s surprising what you can learn on the forum, isn’t it?!

yes you can learn alot from forums and www , we was on the hills once for a walk and heard a snake in the bush and we moved away quite fast and then got stung by a wasp so maybe i just dont want to come across any thing that bites outside of my household .if you think about it there are bigger animals out there who might take advantage of you while you do your buiness in the bushes
if the goverment is getting rid of the 2 or even 1 meter rule for people to hug kiss etc why no toilets

Its left for councils to decide what to do and I think they don’t want to provide a service at the best of times and this is the perfect excuse to not provide the basics.They want your money at places from tea shops/cafes but all this is take aways.Well theres no way people will be wanting to go out for a day have a snack and drinks when theres no toilets. Its very wrong and pathetic of them.

but its the goverment who told cafes etc to open to get the economy running again and yet the goverment should have known that people would need the toilet , my thoughts are if the goverment would have sorted out the toilets first before opening up lockdown then you wouldnt have people using parks , beaches , bushes, trees etc as a toilet… they are more intrested in the economy than in peoples all over health

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