Property, capital threshold and care home fees

Hi all
Having a slight panic here in grey dreary wales,
Is there anyone on here who can advise me about property, capital disregards etc whilst mum is in care, I think I’ve been totally misled by local authority :frowning:

AGE UK … who else :

Fact sheet 46 : Paying for care and support at home : April 2019

24 pages … probably the best guide on the Internet.

In case it’s needed ?

Fact sheet 10 : Paying for permanent residential care : April 2019.

36 pages.

Thank you
I have read that but I’m still confused on one point , can I pose a question please ?

Fire away … a bullet as opposed to a missile ?

Ok be gentle :pray:
Brief background - mother had brain haemorrhage in 2012, I gave up work to care for her in 2012. I had surgery in 2015 which went catastrophically wrong leaving me with 3 stoma bags, mother went into a home in 2015. She owns a small terraced house,
The property was disregarded was 12 months as her stay was temporary,
From 2016 it’s been factored in. We have deferred payment agreement so she pays her pension, etc and the shortfall accrues.
The property is rented out so the rental income also goes to the council.
She has been in the home 4 years - the debt to the LA is currently £35,000

In wales there is a capital limit of £50,000 so had we sold the house the equity ( it’s a small cottage valued at about £70,000) woild have then meant she would have paid the fees herself until she hit the £50,000 at which point the local authority would have payed the fees,
But what happens when the debt is ( as in our case ) £35,000 yet the property is onky worth £70,000, does the £50,000 capital limit come into the calculation ??
Sorry is this clear ?

Wales ?

One for AGE CYMRU to answer :

Age Cymru | We are the national charity for older people in Wales.

Contact details :

Contact Age Cymru

Several points of contact …email / online / social media / telephone.

There are subtle differences between English and Welsh social care !

( Was a missile disguised as a bullet ? )


oh my Lord Worrywart, how do you manage THREE stoma bags? My poor old Mum has had one for about 20 years and that’s bad enough.

sorry Penny, with great difficulty. My husband is my carer but a reluctant one.

I think you need to find a lawyer or a realtor for a better advice, you wont find a great answer here or on any other forum

The same story, My mom has cancer. The capital limit is 50000 and we have to sell our cottage that cost nearly 100000. Any comments on this situation ?

Have you sort professional advice … AGE UK for instance … contact details posted earlier in this thread ?

You have to visit your lawyer for a better advice, or you can find a better answer on other topic i think

Are you in the UK as we don’t have realtors here?
Who has gone into residential care?
Who is the legal owner of the cottage?

Max, that’s what I was trying to find out.

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