Discretionary Disregard on Property

Mum is in a Care Home and is a self funder. I am her Deputy and have been managing the payments from her account however, her cash fund will run out very soon and the Council have said that they can put a deferred payment plan on the house. This is the property I have been living in all my life so this is obviously very worrying. I understand under the Care Act that the property can be disregarded if I am 60 years old (not there yet), claiming benefits (I have started a PIP claim) or can apply a discretionary disregard if I am incapacitated so that I could be claiming benefits but currently not. I a have applied for the last one but it has been refused at the moment although they have dais I can provide more evidence. It is very vague as to the evidence they require. I am mental health issues (OCD and anxiety) and all this uncertainty is causing me to become very unwell. It is imperative to me to feel safe and I no longer do so. Has anyone been in this position? What sort of evidence does the Council need? I have supplied a copy of my PIP application and my OCD test results with proof that I have receiving counseling. Can anyone help please? I am feeling very desperate and alone. Thank you

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Hi Flutterbee. I strongly suggest you contact the Helpline, using the email address: advice@carersuk.org - they may not answer right away but they will get back to you with advice on this, and it’s imperative you get the right advice.