Prescription - incompetent GP - rant alert

I often have problems getting S’s repeat prescription sorted out and have read and sympathised with other carers who also frequently have issues too.

The latest saga takes it to a whole new level.

S takes Laxido along with other meds. Went to collect his repeat meds from pharmacy - no laxido issued - as manufacturing problem. I asked the pharmacist what else he recommended - he said the doctor would need to decide - been in this sort of situation with other meds before - the GP usually asks the pharmacist. I suggested Movicol and the pharmacist agreed.

Lots of queuing, listening to doctors long recorded message - over 2 minutes each time (covering scale back of services, vaccinations, chest pains, not going to the surgery, number to ring for Covid and all about the triage/ screening process …) Finally spoke to receptionist regarding Movicol to replace Laxido.

Went to collect from pharmacy - GP had prescribed 30 sachets for 56 days (he usually has up to 3 a day) and the label instead of saying ‘as directed’ or similar said take one at bedtime.

Went through the whole ringing the surgery malarkey again - explained re how many needed and label (as he also takes them to college day service and has one there each morning).

Just spent an age getting through to pharmacy - yes the right number is ready for collection BUT the label is still wrong and still says take one at bedtime.

Re ring the surgery - listening to the same long message, queue etc Re explain regarding label …

Now in situation where college need Laxido for Monday - I know they won’t give the Movicol without a correct label - awaiting on GP to do what he should have done a fortnight ago, will then need to ring the pharmacy again to check label has been sorted and then collect meds this weekend. (Luckily I have kept 5 Laxido to send into college just incase and have been giving the Movicol at home instead, but that only gives us a few extra days.)


The problem now seems getting passed the receptionist and/or surgery staff. I do econsult form on line and the staff answer my queries instead of referring on to the Dr. Even though I stated the G.P. needs to read my request. Inevitably, I write the request again in a different format. Basically, saying much the same and then the G.P. usually actions my requests. When we were allowed to have face to face I mentioned this to my doctor. And he stated yes we are aware and you need to be persistent. Even if I want to discuss test results that may be satisfactory on paper (but I don’t feel well- further alternatives blood test maybe needed). The request is still rejected by the staff because it’s mark satisfactory. I have now added to every message/request full time unpaid carer. And it has helped a little.

Our surgery now insists on online ordering of meds. So when we hit the Christmas situation I would have run out on Boxing Day, and ordered two months’ worth, with an explanatory note.

Got one month. Had to wait until the Christmas week to order. Finally got them Christmas Eve. Queues out of the door, as they say.

Nothing and nowhere is about service these days. It’s about what’s convenient for the supplier. Whatever is cheapest.

After a couple of mishaps (I once got someone else’s medication included with mine :open_mouth: ) I now take my repeat prescription into the pharmacy a week before it’s due and when I collect it 3 days later I stand in the pharmacy and check the contents of the (rather large) bag before I leave !

Sunnydisposition, my Mum’s surgery are only doing e-consults. My Mum can’t use an iPhone and doesn’t have internet. My sister had go to Mum’s and do it all, including taking pics and attaching them to the e-consult form. I fail to see how face to face GP appointments for those who prefer /need them can be more dangerous than teaching classes of 30+ children with the window open!


Nothing and nowhere is about service these days. It’s about what’s convenient for the supplier. Whatever is cheapest.

Totally agree. Should be our National motto!

Susie, We used to have S’s meds delivered and they mixed up the bags - he had part his and part someone else’s and they gave the other person part of his, so dangerous!! Took ages to sort out.