Positive ways to cope with low mood (2)

Hi New to the group.

Look after my 82 year old mum and as much as I don’t want to say it she is very hard work. Just been made redundant from a part time job so now 24 hours together.

She is always moaning about her health and drags all life, hope and happiness out of me.

Feel so bad thinking I am a bad person.

Words of help please

Hello and welcome!

Have you requested a social worker to come out to do a assessment with you on her behalf or not? Call the council tomorrow morning to start the process. Make the most of the opportunity to do so. Be honest. Feel free to message me with further questions about the process.

Hi Nigel,

caring is tough but especially if you are together 24/7. Your Mum has managed fine without you being with her all day every day up to now, so as long as is possible (Coronavirus permitting) make sure you get out everyday (even several times a day) for a long walk, observing the social distancing regulations currently in place. Make sure you spend time apart, so that she doesn’t become reliant on you being there all the time. Do you garden? Could you volunteer locally to make door step deliveries to the over 70’s?