Can anyone loan me a portable ramp? Ely/cambs or Dagenham

Hi I care my for my partner Kara and we just got turned down by social services for a portable ramp so she can get out the house at her house in ely and my mum’s house in dagenham.on her electric wheelchair…

I’m asking to borrow a portable ramp
That will go over a step to the back door so she can get in the back of my mum’s house.

We are meant to be going Thursday/Friday at latest.
She hasn’t been out the house for over year

If anyone can help lend us a portable ramp for a few days that will be great. We plan to buy one at the end of the month.

Jack guy

Hi Jack,_Guy
Give age UK a call. They may have contact numbers of disability units that could help.
Hope you find what you are looking for.

I’m guessing that you don’t have a credit card, otherwise you wouldn’t be waiting until the end of the month.

I don’t have a credit card either, (don’t need one), but I have a debit card and a Paypal account - you can set up a Paypal account to pay with the debit card at the end of the month.

I also have both a 4’0" and a 5’0" ramp that I know I won’t be using for a couple of weeks, but I’m in New Milton in Hants, which is probably not much use to you.

Have you worked out the length of the ramp you want? Most electric wheelchairs have a fairly low ground clearance which means that you need a quite shallow transition at the top and bottom of the ramp. The higher the step, the longer the ramp needs to be. You may also need something inside to get over the door frame/cill.

Going off topic but Ayjay, if you’re in New Milton why not use Bournemouth Hospital? Much better than Southampton and you’re nearer it than we are.

Bournemouth Hospital is in Dorset and not Hampshire, but I’m really not sure if this is why all of my wife’s stuff is dealt with by the Hampshire hospitals.

She’s been taken there (Bournemouth) by ambulance a couple of times, the first time wasn’t exactly an emergency so she could have gone anywhere. The second time was more of an emergency, but also one hell of a performance to get her home: Bournemouth Hospital Transport won’t “deliver” to Hampshire, and so an ambulance had to come from Soton ( complete with three staff ) to B’mouth to collect her and bring her home - (and they wonder where the money goes)!

Her first, and the only consultant that she’s seen on MS matters is based at Bournemouth, but she hasn’t seen him since about 2015.

I had both a Colonoscopy and an Endoscopy done last year in Bournemouth, sent there by my GP, who is at the same practice that my wife uses.

Out of all of them, we much prefer Lymington, the service there has always been good,(although just as tardy as elsewhere) and there’s always a parking space available. Her last op was supposed to be done at Lymington, but they cancelled it and said it would have to be done at Soton General as they only have one senior anaesthetist !!, (so does he actually do anything, or nothing, as he’s the only one and can’t be tied up with operations???).

You most certainly can get hospital transport to and from Bournemouth and Hampshire. My partner has used it often. Most of the ambulance drivers prefer to go there (apart from the lazy ones who enjoy waiting around outside Southampton doing nothing for hours in a queue). You obviously came across someone (or a series of people) that didn’t know what they were doing. Most wards have Hampshire transport numbers pinned on a noticeboard around the nurses station. Admittedly it’s harder to get them “out of hours” but at Bournemouth they will provide transport if you discharge yourself. Southampton use it as yet another way of holding you against your will. We’re about twice as far from Bournemouth as you are.

I agree with you about Lymington but it’s only a kind of cottage hospital and isn’t set up for major things. I can understand that the anaesthetist would be reluctant to operate on someone with MS without both a senior anaesthetist and, perhaps more importantly, a full intensive and critical care set up on hand. This is why my partner couldn’t get his shoulder done privately, because no surgeon or anaesthetist would risk operating on him without intensive care facilities on hand, just in case and private hospitals just don’t have them. I imagine the senior anaesthetist advises and guides the junior ones rather than getting his own hands dirty.

Hi Jack,

I don’t live too far away from Dagenham and am aware of the lack of support in general … It may be worth asking these people for advice though:

Also, I see the DADB vans in Dagenham quite a bit. Could pick their brains too:

Good luck,