PM must admit Covid-19 mistakes

It is feared the Boris Johnson will do everything to avoid it because he knows it will reveal how he mishandled the pandemic
It would look at PPE failures, test and trace fiasco, care home disasters and how lockdown is being lifted.
The PM has refused calls for an immediate inquiry, saying although there will be a time to learn lessons he’s been “very proud” of pandemic handling.

Agree, so often we are told there is a “world beating this that or the other”. I’d say it was a world beating SHAMBLES!

Absolutely. The shambles cost thousands of lives………and more to come.
Involuntary manslaughter is the killing of a human being/s without intent of doing so, either expressed or implied.

Left-wing press, right-wing government, speculation. Not a combination I take seriously.

One bit of the article that does make good sense is that about the R factor. A value of 0·85 is nothing to be content about. Yes, it indicates that infection is falling, but taking a long time to do so and at the cost of too many lives. Whereas a value of 0·65 would indicate infection declining much more quickly and far fewer lives lost.

The Government can’t win. If it withdraws lockdown slowly, people say it should do so more quickly. If it withdraws lockdown more quickly and infection rates rise again, people will accuse it of making another mess of things.

Let us all be sensible among ourselves and take the lockdown precautions seriously. I think most of us are taking precautions above Government guidelines.

UK - as Gove admits ‘mistakes’ in government’s response

lockdown should have happened sooner rather than later there where warnings from china and now china has a second wave of covid 19 yes infection rate is up and down but with what the goverment also said what 80% had no symptons but had covid

The PM is hardly going to openly publicly admit mistakes anytime soon.

They may reassess, take account of new science, whatever language they might use but they won’t say they were plain wrong. Doubt if any party wojld.

Boris Johnson ‘scrapped Cabinet pandemic committee six months before coronavirus hit UK’

why would any pm scrap a committee of this sort , i would have thought that these sort of things are put in place incase of disaster, is covid 19 not a disaster?

I think the major breaking point for me was when it was announced “The UK had more deaths in a single day, than the WHOLE of Europe put together”
How is that possible? We are an Island nation? If we’re locked down in time we would be safe?