lockdown could last up to three more months

The UK coronavirus lockdown could last up to three more months, according to a government minister.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reluctant to end the lockdown early because he fears a second peak of infections later this summer, Oliver Dowden, the culture secretary, said.
“The PM is very concerned about a second peak if we lift the restrictions too soon,” Dowden told the BBC.
“The prime minister said he expected this peak to last around three months,” he added. “What’s happened is kind of consistent with that.”


Does not surprise me. I have an underlying health condition which means I have another two months in whatever is said by Boris.

On top of that I am not planning to go into a shop/restaurant or go on a bus etc until pandemic over full stop.

Don’t particularly like shopping anyway. Used to love eating out but just wouldn’t chance it for a long time!

Just not worth the risk.

And I am someone who usually cant stand being in for two days in a row lol.

I have accepted it better than I thought I would.
So have my boys and hubby!

Thank god for the once a day walk!

I walk twice a day. But then living in the sticks, I only pass one or two people
each time who have the virus. :slight_smile:

The UK’s coronavirus epidemic is believed to have peaked and a steady decline in deaths is now expected. But will that mean an end to social distancing, or could we be facing a lockdown until the end of the year?

During a Downing Street press conference on 16 April, Dominic Raab, deputising for Boris Johnson, said that the lockdown measures will remain in place for “at least” three more weeks. The Foreign Secretary urged the British public to be patient during this time.

He said: "The worst thing that we can do right now is to ease up too soon, and allow a second peak of the virus to hit the NHS and hit the British people.

“It would be the worst outcome not just for public health but for the economy and for our country as a whole.”…

i dont think the pandemic will be over as this will change lifes for every one and the goverment is responable for not taking action sooner !

There are some reports saying pubs will not be open until Xmas (this year I hope) which probably means those caring for an especially vulnerable person is likely locked down until then. I think it may be until there is a vaccine available in sufficient quantities to be available for our carees to reach the top of the entitlement list. Am mentally preparing for 18 more months.

Lockdown to last a possible extra 3 months?

I think quite a few people are under the impression that once a lockdown is lifted, it’s street parties, out to the pub & back to normal.

I fear there won’t be a old normal as such.

The Gvt, not even Johnson and clowns can keep a perma lockdown in place. For the impact on all mentally maybe worse than the physical impacts of the virus.

So what will the new normal look like?
Temporary lifting of lockdown then re imposed? Social distancing part of every day life with mask wearing and alike?
How will they decide whom merits a temporary unlocking?
By regions?
By professions?
Will the most vunerable currently enduring 3 months of lockdown be expected to try and do another 3 months?

Two things are for sure;

  1. The old normal will never as such return.
  2. To what extent will Johnsons Gvt screw up the new normal with lack of planning & administration.