Please help with Attendance Allowance question

I’ve just found this online Carers UK Forum and wondering if someone could help. I would like to know if my wife who receives a care package from the local authority,( 3 visits a day) can also claim the attendance allowance.
A little bit of info;
My wife is 83 and after a broken leg and then further complications two years ago has been receiving care through the local authority 3 times a day. Other problems are some COPD, some heart failure ,brittle bones, arthritus plus she is a registered epileptic although this is controlled by drugs.

Since the hospital two years ago where she had a catheter for 8 weeks, she has been incontinant since then and does need help getting to the toilet day and night, getting in and out of bed, dressing ,showering etc, far more time than she can get with local authority care.
I do most of this for her but it does tie me down to being stuck in doors so I was wondering if she is entitled to the attendance allowance as well which would be of assstance to her and also allow me go out without the worry of trying to rush around and get back.
Some advice appreciated.

Hi Tony.

Sounds the ideal candidate ?

Can apply online through the following Government link :
Attendance Allowance: Overview - GOV.UK



You can get Attendance Allowance if you’ve reached State Pension age and the following apply :

you have a physical disability (including sensory disability, for example blindness), a mental disability (including learning difficulties), or both.
your disability is severe enough for you to need help caring for yourself or someone to supervise you, for your own or someone else’s safety.
you have needed that help for at least 6 months (unless you’re terminally ill).

You must also :

be in Great Britain when you claim - there are some exceptions, such as members and family members of the armed forces,
have been in Great Britain for at least 2 of the last 3 years (this does not apply if you’re a refugee or have humanitarian protection status),
be habitually resident in the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands,
not be subject to immigration control (unless you’re a sponsored immigrant),

There are some exceptions to these conditions if you’re living in another European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland.


Attendance Allowance can be backdated to the date of your claim. This is usually the date your form is received or the date you call the enquiry line (if you then return the claim pack within 6 weeks).

On the caring front , NEEDS assessment upto date through your LA ?

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … ever considered / offered / refused ?

Benefits … everything being claimed ( AA now in course ! ) ?

Council tax … discount / disregard ?

If you need more on any of the above , just let us know.

Hi Anthony,

Welcome to the forum. Attendance Allowance is NOT means tested, and is available to anyone who is disabled and needs help. From what you say, your wife would easily qualify, so ring them up and get your claim started today.
The form is quite long and looks daunting, but you will find that lots of pages there is a yes/no question, and you can skip the page completely on the “No” pages.

If you qualify, and receive Pension Credit or similar, it would mean she would also qualify for additional “premiums”.

Your wife should have a Lifeline provided by Social Services, so that she can summon help if you are not around to help her.

Has anyone told you about NHS Continuing Healthcare? Your wife might qualify for this, it’s free but is a bit of a postcode lottery I’m afraid.

Would nursing your wife be eadier if you had a hospital bed, or a walk in shower? These might be available too - ask Social Services to arrange for an Occupational Therapist’s appointment.

Thanks, Chris from the Gulag and Bowlingbun, very helpful information.
I have downloaded the Attendance allowance forms and will be going through them over the next couple of days. In our areas, Basildon,Castle Point and Rochford councils stopped doing the carelines over funding cuts 2 or 3 years ago but i have got one from Telecare24 for my wife anyway.

i will look into Social Services and see if they can suggest/supply and adaptions that might help her. She has had a stairlift for two years,
Any way appreciate both of your helps and will now try and get my head around the forms.

Your welcome.

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Once again thanks for the help.

Anthony, if you RING THEM, and they send you a form, the claim will be backdated to the day you ring them If you download the form, it will be backdated to the day they RECEIVE the form, so you could miss out on a couple of hundred pounds by filling in a downloaded form, rather than their own.

Good idea bowlingbun.

Just an update and thanks to all that helped.
Today I recieved notification that Attendance Allowance was granted for my wife and back dated to 13/06/2019 .
Day and night rate @£87.65 a week , so including this months payment we have had £964.15 credited to our bank acount.

Once again ,thank you all for your help and advice.

Your welcome.

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