PIP Without a diagnosis?

Hi everyone I personally am on a waiting list to be assessed for autism, my additional learning needs person at college is pretty certain it will come back that I am autistic and I really struggle with some day to day tasks, would I be able to claim pip before I get the assessment as this has been arranged through college not through my doctor’s. I have been referred to the integrated autism service Wales in December and the waiting list is a year long… Many thanks for any help…

Hi Rachael, it’s my understanding that you shouldn’t need a diagnosis as the form is all about how your condition affects your ability to carry out everyday tasks HOWEVER you need to be able to evidence the difficulties you experience. You say you have “additional needs,” do you have a diagnosis and evidence for these? You could this to support your application.

There is information on autism and PIP here 404

and a sample of the PIP questions to see if you would score enough points to get an award (as long as you had enough evidence) here https://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/pip-test


Do you have any paper work from your school days. Any educational statement for additional needs.Did you attend a special needs school.