PIP Paperwork Has Serious Error involving other peoples name

Hi i am trying to do the paperwork for my friend because i was his carer until CAPITA robbed him of his award through a very bad misrepresentation and assessment.

After reading through all the paperwork received from the DWP i have found that in the report from DWP that they have some how managed to include the name of another person in the assessment and even stated that the assessment was at home when the assessment was at CAPITA.

Not only is this persons name mentioned 4 times in the paperwork where addressing my friend and his condition ect, But they have also done the same thing with another persons name… I wish i could upload images to show you. But for the time being i will type out what the paperwork says.

  1. However i have decided that ???MISS WELSH??? does not suffer with overwhelming psychological distress.

2.The HP drew conclusions from thier informal observations and examination of ???Mrs Littles??? mental health muskoskeletal systems

3.The HP has relied on ???MISS WELSH??? to give an accurate account of HIS ability to carry out daily activities safely to an acceptable standard repeatedly and in a reasonable time period.

4.The HP is a trained disability analysed and assessed ???MISS WELSH’s??? functional ability based on their knowledge of the medical conditions and clinical findings.

  1. The home consultation including medical examination findings (The assessment was at CAPITA office in Derby)

  2. With ???MISS WELSH??? who gave an accurate account of a typical day.

    Where you see ???MISS WELSH??? is should of been ???MY FRIENDs NAME??? but the report has this error.

Im inclined to now think that the whole assessment and report could of been in error because of this and my friend may of not been awarded PIP because of the paperwork being mixed up or something.

Does anybody know what i should do about this,We are going to a tribunal in 2 weeks so we will be presenting this in the tribunal, But should we be doing. Could the court want a whole new assessment .

Or could this be a good thing for my friend. Can anybody help . thank you P.S iv just added the papers , just found the add image icon lol.

take a look.what do you people think. Is this good or bad Should we bring it up in tribunal or would it be wiser to no mention it.

We Now have all the evidence we need to prove beyond any doubt that my friend has these illnesses too. So we have a good chance of winning the appeal, But i wouldn’t want this error to effect that if its not advisable to bring it up…

Hi Melissa.

An interesting scenario to say the very least ?

My immediate thought … and subsequent recommendation is … the CAB.

Contact details follow :

Contact us - Citizens Advice

On the suject of PIP , the following link with take you to the pages within the CAB relating to PIP :
Search - Citizens Advice

( Page 2 … two references which should be of immediate assistance.)

When it comes to PIP assessments / tribunials , always best to sound out the experts out there in advance.

ok thank you.

Hi Melissa,
Sounds like a very shoddy cut and paste job. Makes you wonder if your friends personal details have been shared with other too :open_mouth: Definitely seek advice, appeal and later complain.


If you wanted to complain about the DWP…

The complaint needs to be DWP FIRST


Personally I would contact your local MP. This will have major weight - believe me.