Pet carer

I care for Milo. She is my pet. I know that this is not the place but I actually now have nowhere else to go in order to access support and advice in my own caring role. I cannot keep bothering the local vet anymore and I am at a loss.

Hi Thara,

although lots of us are pet lovers too, that is not the purpose of this particular forum. I suggest you join somewhere like

Unless of course you also care for a relative or friend, in which case we can offer cyber support to you in this role.


my cat helped me in my caring role, so i hope we can talk about them on this website.


I do not see why not Judith. I have my beloved cats and tbh could NOT continue caring for my husband without them as they are the reason I get up in the morning. Buster joining Chris and G after the loss of their dog was of interest to many of us on Roll Call and I am sure when you have a 'new addition, we will want to hear how things go and offer support if needed. I know Melly and Susie have cats. Thara and Chris have dogs. I cannot offer medical advice, but I have had cats since 1994 and bred from 2008 - 2016 so am always happy to try and help with anything cat related. I did vol work for a cat rescue too - only PR but I did get a good training in the challenges a cat faces going to a new home and how to make it easier for him/her.

Hi Judith,
Those with pets often chat about them in the social area of the forum and chitchat. We all like photos too of pets past and present. A welcome distraction from our caring roles.

This is one of my favourite photos of Poppy; S is rattling the Dreamies packet in the kitchen because he wants her to get off my lap so we can start cooking dinner.

She resisted the urge to get off by the way and eventually to her disgust I had to gently shove her off!


As Melly said, lots of chats about pets on the forum. Pets no longer with us too.
I’ve mentioned my family’s much loved spaniel cross many times still missed after many years.
I’ve spoken about my younger daughters dog who has been very poorly. At the moment doing extremely well but sadly her illness will probably return. Fingers crossed not for a long time. Very much loved. Elder daughter has a cat. Very elderly now and can grumpy lol. Much loved too


What is the problem, Thara? Sorry if I’ve spelt your name wrong. Lots of us have experience of pet caring and sympathise. My dearly loved spaniel died in March and every time I drive past the vet, I want to go in and tell them I made a mistake and ask for him back! He also helped with mum caring as she treated him as another grandchild and frankly more satisfactory than the human ones!

So what do you need help with? Your original message was a bit vague.

Yes Thara. Lots of us love animals and will help if we can. Tell us about the issues you have with Milo and see if we can maybe help or at least offer support? I have little experience of dogs frankly as I have cats but others here have dogs.

That said, I agree with Melly . There are some very good pet forums out there with people who are experienced and can hopefully point you in the right direction but please be wary of those offering vetinary advice. I am sure Milo is a good support in your caring roll?

So much for the advertising for Dreamies then Melly !!! Poppy should have gone straight through the wall to get at them when S rattled the pack !

No matter where she is or what she’s doing Lily will come like a rocket if I shake her Dreamies tin :rofl:
To be fair though I’d don’t think she’d manage to get through a wall she is, after all, quite a small cat :roll_eyes:


My daughters cat, also lily, was sitting on their garden seat. The heavens opened, thunder and lightening and apparently she just wouldn’t move?!! Maybe she liked being cooled down.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: Usually she can’t resist them … however the pull of a cuddle must have been stronger.